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DHEC-Londa Aluminum 2022 annual improvement proposal and excellent project activity promotion exchange meeting

Release time:2022-10-25

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On October 14, 2022, Longda Aluminum Baoding Base and Dongfeng Honda Engine Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as DHEC) jointly launched the“ DHEC-Londa Aluminum 2022 Annual Improvement Proposal and Excellent Project Activity Promotion Exchange”. The excellent improvement project team of DHEC has exchanged improvement proposals and excellent projects with the main management cadres and proposal representatives of Longda Aluminum.




  Guo Junhui, executive vice president of Lunda Aluminum, on behalf of the Lunda team, warmly welcomed the arrival of DHEC and focused on the development history, business philosophy, company positioning, improvement results and development planning of Lunda. Mr. Guo said that since the cooperation between the two sides in 2002, he thanked Honda for its support, promotion and cultural guidance, which has promoted the construction of Lunda system and the improvement of management philosophy. The excellent improvement research group of DHEC shared the development concept, improvement cases, implementation operation mechanism and future medium and long-term planning of Dongfeng Honda.




  During the period, participants from both companies conducted in-depth communication and exchange on key improvement projects, digital chemical plant construction and other businesses, and shared business experience and improvement activities. The companies of the two sides presented cases of excellent improvement projects, and participants exchanged experiences and discussed issues on evaluation criteria and incentive mechanism in the improvement activities, and exchanged views on the business issues raised by them.




  Zhang Qiuhe, deputy general manager of production at Baoding Base of Longda Aluminum, focused on the situation of the digital transformation and upgrading project of Longda system, built a unified digital management system platform by integrating and utilizing system data such as SCADA, MES, ERP and OA, and accompanied Dongfeng Honda business representatives to the site to visit Longda technology research and development laboratory, automatic production line and intelligent production equipment.




  Through the exchange and learning between the two sides, DHEC learned about the development and changes of Lunda Aluminum in the aluminum alloy manufacturing industry and digital transformation and upgrading. The two sides will further strengthen the exchange and learning, work together to innovate and improve together.




  Gather a little wisdom to help Longda grow. The harvest in October and autumn are flourishing, and the improvement continues on the way. I believe that every Luanda person will“ We must work hard to forge ahead and make a new chapter”.