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Baoding Longda Aluminum Co., Ltd. was awarded the leader of enterprise standard of Hebei Province in 2022

Release time:2022-10-15

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Accompanied by standards, forge ahead.

On October 13, 2022, the Hebei Provincial Market Supervision and Administration Bureau released the list of "leaders" in the enterprise standard of Hebei Province in 2022. Baoding Longda Aluminum Co., Ltd.'s "Heat Treatment Free Cast Aluminum Alloy Materials" Q/130609 LDLY 002-2020 standard was successfully awarded the "leader" in the enterprise standard of nonferrous metal alloy field.




Baoding Longda Aluminum Co., Ltd. has always been positioned to research, develop and produce lightweight and renewable aluminum-based new materials for high-end brand automotive engines and powertrain, and is based on being a supplier of customer processes. It is the first supporting cooperative factory in China to meet the requirements of the automotive industry. The aluminum alloy material used for heat-treatment-free structural parts independently designed and developed by the company has obtained the state-authorized invention patent. The scientific and technological achievements have been evaluated as internationally advanced by Hebei Provincial Department of Science and Technology.



The heat-treatment-free cast aluminum alloy material independently developed by the company has high strength, high toughness, good fluidity and filling performance. This material has been applied to the production of large size, complex structure, and high strength and toughness requirements for heat-treatment-resistant automotive structural parts, such as the battery package body of new energy vehicles, tray support reinforcing plate structural parts, new energy vehicles and traditional automotive rear longitudinal beams, rear floors, etc.


Automobile damping tower, automobile knuckle, A-column, longitudinal beam, linkage support, front axle beam

New energy battery package shell

Automobile front axle bracket


Baoding Longda Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. has been committed to the research, development, manufacture and sales of lightweight aluminum alloy materials for automotive powertrain system since its establishment for 27 years. There are more than 40 product brands, including high-performance cast aluminum alloy materials such as ADC12, ALSI9CU3, ZL101A, ALSI10MG, and its products are applied to various casting methods such as gravity casting, differential pressure casting, and high-pressure casting of automotive industry parts materials, The leading product forms are: casting aluminum alloy ingots and aluminum alloy liquid. The company can meet the process supply mode of "aluminum liquid direct supply" in the renewable aluminum alloy industry, reduce manufacturing costs, reduce energy consumption, achieve mutual benefit and win-win with customers, and make contributions to energy conservation and carbon reduction in the automotive manufacturing industry chain.

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